State-of-the-art technology and top-level
chip ensure data security

1TB HD / Gigabit Ethernet / Marvell Dual Core

High configuration and
performance ensure quicker and safer file saving

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Elegant look, perfectly fits everywhere

CatDrive logo breathing light. Metal plating technology is applied to the metal
ring on its top to resist against color fading. Paint spray and high-gloss
technology for surface treatment make it an ornament to your house.

1TB Hard Drive

Store all your family’s precious photos, favorite movies and important documents for a lifetime.





Marvell Dual-core Chip

With a professional data store solution, Marvell chip allows CatDrive to be a multi-task processor,
which can read, write, play videos and download files at the same time. It also makes CatDrive to process data stablely and fast.

Gigabit Ethernet Port

Gigabit Ethernet port makes smooth file uploading and downloading possible.

Ultra-silent Cooling System

The ultra-silent fan is made of Germany nanometer bearing,
turbo fan blades and bearingless motor, which keeps CatDrive at an ideal temperature without sound.

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